Foods To Stay Clear Of After An Intense Workout

Most of us ruin the amazing after effects of an intense workout with unhealthy foods and habits. Thus making all that hard work in vain. They say that you are what you eat. And honestly this is one true statement you must adhere to. Although you might have been exercising on the treadmill, or jogging on the streets for hours. All those would be in vain if you stuff your face with a lot of carbs and fats along with other unhealthy snacks. So here are a couple of foods you need to stay clear of after an intense workout;

After an intense workout your body burns all those added fats and carbs within. So contradicting this process and pouring in more of it along with added sugars actually reverses the process resulting in the exact opposite of what you are aiming for. True that most of us simply don’t have the time to sit through and make a good smoothie with the right amount of nutrients that it should have. But trying to substitute it with the pre-mix kinds should definitely not be an alternative, as these have a high amount of sugar content in them that is certainly not recommended after a good exercise. So instead make sure to get some peptides bodybuilding supplements as that would be a better alternative that is good for your body too.

Another definite no no is spicy foods. Things like hot sauce, salsa and other spicy foods that contain any of these, are hard to be digested easily within your body. After a strenuous exercise your body is still in the recovery process and packing it with unwanted amounts of spice would be a lot harmful. Instead you should try more easily digestible foods like anti aging peptides, small amounts of sugar and maybe even some carbs to increase your energy levels.

This is something you certainly need to avoid at all costs! Soda might be great for a simple refreshing coolness for your body or it could be something you drink just because you have it stacked in cans inside your fridge. But don’t ever even think of taking it after a workout. Fizzy drinks like these are packed with carbon dioxide gas that will not hydrate your body but rather bloat it up. This in itself is capable of losing all your efforts on all those cardio exercise you did. So instead drink some water after some time or try some healthy protein shakes as they would do a better job of quenching your thirst and maintaining your efforts of the strenuous exercise.

There are many other foods too that should be avoided, as these would negatively affect your body on the whole. So be cautious of them before you take them after your workout.