Picking The Right Board For Your Surf

There are a number of varieties for surfing boards, in different shapes and lengths to suite specific types of waves or skill levels of the surfer. Here is your guide on how to choose one for your specific need and body chemistry.A short board score top marks in their ease to maneuver and are a good choice for fast, and high waves. With a length ranging from a good 5 to 7 ft, they come with a ‘nose rocker’, a narrowing pointed nose shape… These boards are manufactured for intense and tough surfing in the best and critical segment of a wave. Visit https://ecsboards-australia.com.au/collections/short-boards if you are looking for short boards in Australia.

Longboards online are generally 8 to 11 ft in length; they are easier to paddle. The advantage of this type of a board is that it enables you to catch a wave faster than if you were on a previously mentioned short board. Its length allows you to take a few steps up and down the board as you are standing. It is basically an ideal beginner’s board.A Funboard on the other hand – is the general name for all these surfboards that come with an extra volume. And they let you catch more waves. They too can be used as beginner boards because they tend to be wider and much stable. This also is fit for a heavier surfer. Quite easier to move around than a longboard, they tend to be 7 to 9 ft long.

The brand new baby in the game is the stand up paddle board or the SUP. It is large, much wider and buoyant with a length of 10 to 12 ft that enables you to stand up and paddle along. You are going to need exceptional balance skills but hey allow you to catch even very small waves. Not limited to riding the waves in the ocean they can be used in lakes or canals for cruising and enjoying your surroundings. The Hybrid board is made by mixing the design characteristics from two board types. It could be a mix between the short boards along with longboard for an example. The resulting board will bear the best bits of both boards – say for an instance the aforementioned mix will yield a board that has more of the volume, suitable for a surfer on the heavier side, but still with a ‘feel’ that of the short board.The Gun is a board made for more speed and intensity of big waves. With a narrow tail bit and a nose, this is one board designed for surfers who are experienced who are good at maintaining speed and control during huge waves.